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Our Christian Youth Programs help to strengthen and encourage youth beginning with what they currently know toward the spiritual skills that they need to attain for their future. Spiritual growth happens for the youth that get involved, for others in the program and in a greater sense – the youth that they know in other settings. Being a part of these christian youth programs is fun and helps to mold the character of the youth participating.

We understand that youth actively learning along with other youth is the most effective way of developing a strong circle of like-minded friends to support and maintain their faith. Our Christian Youth Programs are uniquely geared to build unity and to bring to mind their faith in a fashion that easily integrates into life.

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Major League Bible Baseball ProgramOverview: Baseball at its greatest beauty, is a game of throwing curve balls, hitting grand slams and catching fly balls.Participants will learn about God and the game of baseball as each batter has a chance to swing at the ball and run the bases. >>> more

Bible Basketball Association ProgramOverview: Basketball is a fast paced sport that calls for a lot of running and passing. Here, God's rules are likened to those of the game of basketball. Every life needs to know what to do when the ball is in their hands. Laugh and learn as this game is played. >>> more

Bible Football League ProgramOverview: Football is one sport that many people enjoy because of the excitement of the game and all the fun activities that surround it. In this game of football, God's rules are likened to those of the game of football pointing participants towards His "goal". >>> more

Kids in Commerce ProgramOverview:This activity is built around the idea that kids will better relate to their faith as they learn about the world of commerce. As the City of Commerce comes to life, you will see kids acting in many different roles: elected officials, business owners, office managers and much more. >>> more

Saying of a Sage ProgramOverview:We have built this program for Senior Citizens -- that can be run by youth. This gives them a chance to share their wisdom as a respected sage and let’s youth learn about responsibility and leadership. Whether you have a small or large group, >>> more

Teen at Work ProgramOverview: This is an opportunity for your teen, of legal working age, to start building skills and a resume while earning some spending money. Our approach is similar to other youth organizations, but our goal is to shed light on the basics of the work world. There is a planned curriculum of what we will do to kick-start a resume. Preparing teens through this program is not only fun but also it is rewarding. Let's put God first when we work. >>> more

Vanguard Fathers ProgramOverview: The mission is to allow men to play the role of a father outside of their own homes, in their communities, churches and schools. Participating "fathers" enjoy the advantages of group support, an organized effort, a managed plan and a guaranteed pat on the back. >>> more

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